Prices are in us dollars and include room and breakfast.
Prices are for a couple. Price for a single is 80% of the couple's price.
Weekend reservations (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights) are for a minimum of 2 nights. Exceptions will be made based on vacancy within 2 days prior to the weekends
Baby's cot and linen for no extra charge
A credit card number is required in order to confirm the reservation and for down payments (for august and special holydays reservations only)
The down payment will be returned according to the cancellation conditions.
High Season
Cabins / Apartments
Cottage / Studio
Extra adult (from the age of 13)
Extra child (age 2-13)
Special Offers
Special offer on mid week:
10% discount when booking 1 night
13% discount when booking 2 night's

497Nis for cabin 585Nis
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