History of Vered Hagalil


In 1949, a young man from Chicago, Illinois, Yehuda Avni, immigrated to Israel to Kibbutz Hatzerim where he met and married his wife, Yona. Later, Yehuda and Yona made their home in Moshav Orot, where they began farming the land and raising a family 
However, Yehuda, an itinerant dreamer, had aspirations for creating something that, at that time, would be a new concept for Israel, something not just for farming and not just for tourism, but rather a bringing together of the things that he loved most: farming, horses and people. Thus began his search for the perfect spot for creating a guest farm.  After many long months of searching, Yehuda stood on a hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee, a barren landscape strewn with boulders and thistles, but with a beautiful view of the lake, and declared to his children that this was where they would lay down the foundations for their new venture