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Tibi's restaurant menu

At the restaurant, Chef Chaim Tibi offers a fine rustic Bistro menu, which includes a selection of meat, lamb, chicken, and fish dishes, stuffed handmade pastas, vegetarian dishes, and pastries, breads and desserts baked in our own kitchen.

 First Dish
Freshly baked bread with Italian focaccia
A selection of three homemade rolls: Whole wheat, onion, nut. With a freshly baked focaccia sprinkled
with herbs and rock salt.

Roasted eggplant salad (served hot)
With chickpeas, tahini, yogurt, olive oil, crème tomato and baby mustard leaves

Homemade farm style sausages
Grilled and served on smoked cabbage with mustard

Liver Terrine
Chicken livers and ground beef with Jerusalem artichoke, leek and duck breast
on a warm spinach salad with pomegranate juice

“Prosciutto Agnello”
Lamb shank off the bone, cured in the traditional method for prosciutto.
Thinly sliced and served with aromatic olive oil, balsamic vinegar,
dried figs, focaccia croutons and fresh rocket leaves.

Armenian Sirloin
Ultra thinly sliced fresh beef sirloin dressed with a honey and mustard seed
infused olive oil. Topped with pistachio nuts, coriander seeds and fresh pear

Grill roasted wild mushrooms
With herb demiglas sauce and white wine

Fresh Mozzarella and ripe tomatoes
With fresh basil, tasos olives and extra virgin olive oil

Artichoke and sage risotto
Roasted artichoke in a parmesan enriched risotto

Fresh polenta with asparagus
Corn polenta with grill roasted asparagus, parmesan and poached egg

Veal sweetbreads on the grill
Served on home made riboletta and new peas. Topped with demiglas sauce.

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Santorini salad
With vine tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, calamata olives and feta cheese

Multi coloured tomato salad
With baby spinach, cucumber, green beans, endive and slightly a sweet tomato vinaigrette
Toppedwith lighly battered and fried goat's milk cheese.

Lettuce hearts and beef pancetta salad
Served with croutons, fresh basil, red cabbage, raddish and sweet potato

Hot lentil salad with goat’s milk yogurt
Roasted onion, carrot, celery and parsley root. Topped with yoghurt

Green Salad with baby leaves
Variety of lettuce, baby leaves, fresh beet, carrot and roasted peanuts
in a sesame and sherry vinegar dressing

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Linguine in rose sauce
with fresh basil, olive oil and pecorino cheese

Ragu pasta
Slow cooked ground beef, with root vegetables ,tomato and spices

Wild mushroom fettuccini in rich cream sauce
With three types of aromatic mushrooms ,cream and white wine

Ox-tail ravioli with rich gravy sauce
zucchini, butternut and leek confi in a beef reduction.

Home made gnocchi with soft butter
With chestnuts, wild spinach, tomato, white wine
,mushrooms, butter, parmesan and truffle oil

Roasted artichoke buccotini
With green beans, baby leaves, onion, garlic confi and olive oil

Cheese tortellini
With nut pesto, fresh asparagus, ground fresh parsley and parmesan

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 Kids menu
Kid’s schnitzel

Kid’s hamburger

Tomato/cream spaghetti

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 Tibi's Hamburgers
Tibi's Hamburgers
Fresh beef hamburger served on a homemade bread roll, freshly baked every day
Toppings and sides
Chips large/ small -
Sautéed onions -
Fried egg

Billy the kid 160g
Fresh beef hamburger served on a homemade bread roll, freshly baked every day

Texas 220g
Fresh beef hamburger served on a homemade bread roll, freshly baked every day

Tibi’s 330g
Fresh beef hamburger served on a homemade bread roll, freshly baked every day

Toppings and sides
Chips large/ small -
Sautéed onions
Fried egg

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 main course
Tibi’s chicken schnitzel
Served with chips / mashed potato

Tibi’s beef schnitzel
Served with chips / mashed potato

Yehuda’s fried chicken in the basket
Chicken pieces deep fried in a delicious, crispy coating.
Served with chips / mashed potato

Quarter chicken in BBQ sauce
Filleted pieces of chicken on the grill.
Served with a wild-rice ragu

Oven roasted fillet of fish with pickled lemon sauce
With roasted vegetables in olive oil and a pickled lemon sauce

Roast duck breast with haunch confi and wild berry sauce
Roast duck with a citrus and wild berry sauce,
served with fresh vegetables grilled with thyme

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 Tibi's Steak House
Tibi’s Steak House
At Tibi’s we choose all our cuts of meat through a rigorous process of selection.
Our steaks are aged at optimal temperatures and under the best possible conditions
to ensure high quality, perfectly matured cuts

Served with chips / baby potatoes / mashed potato / green salad

Lamb sirloin & fillet
A thick and juicy lamb sirloin, along with
a tender lamb fillet. Amazing meat experience.

Porterhouse 450g
The best of both worlds: tender fillet on one side, and sirloin on the other

New York 350g
Sirloin on the bone

Prime Rib 450g
A mix of rib eye and sirloin on the bone

Rich beef rib 500g
Rib eye on the bone with marbling of fat and full flavors

Rib eye steak 400g
Steak cut from the central ribs with marbling of fat and full flavors

Fillet steak 200g
Thick and tender, completely free of fat, always a winner

Sirloin steak 300g
Uniquely flavorsome steak with strips of fat on top

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Vanilla Panacotta
With almonds and cherries in a sweet sauce

American waffle
With toffee banana sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Apple pie
A hint of cinnamon, served with ice cream and whipped cream Lemon crumble

Lemon tart with fresh meringue
Served with sour cream and homemade fruit preserve

Hot chocolate fudge cake
Smothered in a drunken chocolate sauce
and served with whipped cream and ice cream

Crème de Saint Joseph
Baked vanilla cream dessert with caramel crust
served with pineapple and orange coulis on the side

Dulce de leche and marscapone cream in between
a delightful biscuit, with berry coulie and vanilla cream

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