Tibi's Restaurant at Vered Hagalil

Tibi's Restaurant is located in a rambling field-stone, pine-wood building, nicely landscaped in the heart of the farm, shady terrace for outdoor dining and relaxed lounging. Quality, eclectic Israeli menu plus traditional American style dishes like Chicken in a basket, apple pie a-la mode, aged tender steaks, fresh salads and a special menu for children. Attached guest lounge with view of horses and lawn for coffee and drinks.


Chef Haim Tibi

Born in Safed, Chef Chaim Tibi, an experienced and respected chef, owned a deli and restaurant in Rosh Pina. He then ran Muskat restaurant at Mizpe-Hayamim for more than a decade. There he brought an awareness of the use of fresh and healthy local Galilee raw ingredients, with an emphasis on high quality meats. He participates in cooking programs worldwide and each year hosts well-known chefs for collaborative meals and culinary expeditions.

At Tibi's restaurant on the farm, Chef Tibi has created a unique menu that appeals to all audiences, continuing his emphasis on using high quality ingredients, including high quality meats. At Tibi's, he cures his own meats and makes his own sausage. 

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